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Let Me Game in Peace

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Chapter 1223 – A Way to Take Advantage saw smelly
“The League of Guardians’ idea isn’t negative. They will use ice-cubes-style Guardians to address those strange dimensional creatures.” Li Xuan watched for a while and recognized that the end result was chosen.
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It absolutely was an excruciating 24-hour or so hang on right before he could get into the Venusian instance dungeon once again. Zhou Wen immediately accessed and grinded the Metal Guards and also the Wonderful Struggle G.o.ds within.
Nevertheless, this point, Zhou Wen wasn’t that fortunate. He didn’t take a Great Combat G.o.d Associate Ovum fall simply obtained a expertise crystal.
Unfortunately, the Cube was beyond the dimension’s control human beings believed nothing regarding this.
However, no person dared to go over for now. Only Mythical critters could make it through on Venus. On the other hand, as long as they moved into the Venusian dimensional zone, the 2 Terror-class creatures well before them were a example of the end result.
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On the other hand, not one person dared to go over for the present time. Only Mythical pets could survive on Venus. Nonetheless, when they accessed the Venusian dimensional area, the two Terror-standard beings before them were definitely samples of the outcome.
Chapter 1223: Ways to Make The Most
The Guardian was for instance a shape skater taking walks on ice cubes since he shuttled from the Metallic Guards. Regardless of where he pa.s.sed, the Stainless steel Guards would be frozen into ice sculptures.
Tsukuyomi was expected to abandon Earth not because she moved into the aspect. She didn’t even depart the Solar energy Technique. Then, if she asserted that causing Globe can be risky, where does the risk result from?
After that Guardian, nobody inserted the Venusian dimensional zone. The dragon, the black-winged angel, and skeleton monster that had previously visited Venus didn’t seem to be just as before, neither performed Tsukuyomi appear just as before.
“I believe the Cube loves to observe individuals overcome to the death. It definitely doesn’t get very good objectives for releasing a Venusian dimensional region. Can it be so it really wants to attract humans to learn Venus and enjoy the thrill of humans getting killed?” Li Xuan explained jokingly.
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There is a Partner Egg cell from the Moon. Since Venus has produced this kind of dimensional zone, could the hazard they stated be speaking about this?
Tsukuyomi was required to make The planet not because she came into the dimension. She didn’t even leave behind the Solar power Method. Then, if she declared that departing Planet will be unsafe, just where does the threat come from?
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Right after the Guardian moved into, he didn’t encounter the Golden Struggle G.o.d. The individual that arrived was still the Stainless steel Safeguard.
Zhou Wen sent back to Luoyang as absolutely everyone explained the challenge.
“It’s likely via the Cube,” Zhou Wen suspected.
If the Stainless steel Secure photo the bullets, the Guardian launched a frightening frost potential that froze the bullets in midair.
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Once the six alarms sounded as well, Zhou Wen used spatial teleportation to leave the Venusian dungeon and reach the entrance’s base.
This kind of alarming fire were the nemesis of the Guardian. His ice-cubes-elemental expertise were greatly suppressed because the scenario grew to be a growing number of unsafe.
“That’s not not possible.” Just as Zhou Wen was speaking, he suddenly saw the are living transmit stir once again.
From then on Guardian, no-one came into the Venusian dimensional sector. The dragon, the dark-colored-winged angel, and skeleton beast that had previously explored Venus didn’t show up once again, neither have Tsukuyomi turn up yet again.
Though Zhou Wen got these types of thoughts, he wasn’t inside of a hurry to accept the risk. He still required to affirm something.
Zhou Wen believed that something was amiss as he taken into consideration it. There had to be some thing he didn’t know, but he couldn’t determine it all out from conjecture. It made him truly feel bad.
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These types of horrifying flames were the nemesis from the Guardian. His ice cubes-elemental expertise ended up greatly suppressed as the circumstance became an increasing number of unsafe.
If he only wiped out the Metal Guards along with the Golden Challenge G.o.d just before making the Venusian example dungeon, he could kill many Mythical pets and Terror-grade pests in a very short span of time. The likelihood of Partner Eggs and great objects falling would greatly enhance.
After going into once more, the security alarm in the six doorways quit buzzing. Having said that, there were you can forget Metallic Guards or Fantastic Combat G.o.ds. The six exterior doors stayed open up. The dungeon clearly hadn’t rested.
There’s a Mate Ovum during the Moon. Given that Venus has produced a really dimensional area, could the threat they outlined be discussing this?
When every one of the Steel Guards obtained become an ice pack sculptures as well as the Guardian experienced retreated into a long distance, the ice cubes sculpture-like Metallic Guards’ bodies suddenly shattered, rotating into an ice pack cubes.
It turned out unfamiliar as long as they ended up no more intrigued or maybe they had been awaiting a possibility.
Zhou Wen sensed that a little something was amiss as he contemplated it. There must be something he didn’t know, but he couldn’t shape it out from speculation. It manufactured him really feel unpleasant.

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