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NovelLet Me Game in PeaceLet Me Game in Peace
Chapter 922 – Sword Practice ticket advertisement
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“I missing.” Sadie was persuaded of her conquer.
Sadie felt terrible, but concurrently, she was very fired up. She had also been a sword pract.i.tioner. As a way to deal with so various types of sword intents was of great help to her. Her comprehension of the sword deepened as her sword strategies became tougher.
However, this time around, Zhou Wen was quickly beaten. It was since he was focused entirely on defending and counterattacking, but due to existence of the attention of Odin, it was actually hard to protect against Sadie’s problems.
Chapter 922: Sword Practice
Even so, Sadie wasn’t too shocked that such a thing possessed happened to Zhou Wen. Gulli and Li Xuan weren’t stunned possibly. This has been because he was Teacher. It wasn’t unacceptable that they could overcome Sadie.
“I don’t know if this route can be used. In any event, I won’t be able to do it. Aside from, there’s no need for that, right? Just creating an individual sword intent to the serious is sufficient overcome an opponent. Why do you have to enhance many sword intents?” Gulli provided up. He had witnessed a lot of sword intents and sensed that his brain is at a mess.
Zhou Wen hit out at almost the same time frame. He was as fast as lightning, just as Sadie. They were both fast-attack sword strategies.
Chapter 922: Sword Perform
Sadie beaten Zhou Wen for a few successive rounds, but she was somewhat astonished.
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Immediately after listening to the veteran’s words, Zhou Wen found that the appearance of the sword wasn’t significant. He necessary to know what he could use the sword.
Zhou Wen randomly chose a training sword. It turned out the commonly observed about three-ft .-very long sword during the Eastern Area. It was direct and lightweight.
Consider someone who was easily conquered on your part much more than ten times. Then, after more than ten hits, that you were no more their fit. How alarming was that?
Sadie experienced the attention of Odin, so Zhou Wen’s behavior checked like slow motions to her. For that reason, provided that her sword’s rate could keep up, Sadie could crack Zhou Wen’s sword approaches.
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However, this time around, Zhou Wen was quickly conquered. That was while he was focused entirely on defending and counterattacking, but due to the presence of the Eye of Odin, it was very difficult to shield against Sadie’s assaults.
Sadie never anticipated to succeed. She found it unbelievable.
Nevertheless, since Zhou Wen wished to continue, Sadie obtained no choice but to go on.
However, now, Zhou Wen was quickly beaten. That was as he was centered on defending and counterattacking, but because of the existence of the Eye of Odin, it turned out very difficult to fight for against Sadie’s conditions.
Precisely the same transfer against Sadie was just about doomed to failure. There was clearly absolutely no way of profitable.
Following in excess of ten occurs, Zhou Wen’s sword strategy had actually improved greatly. It was unthinkable.
Even so, that wasn’t the case. Everytime Zhou Wen unsheathed his sword, the sword approach appeared to turn out to be much stronger than just before. It wasn’t just a noticeable difference in approach and velocity, but moreover, the sword intention in his sword method became much stronger and tougher.
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“Draw your sword,” Zhou Wen believed to Sadie.
Zhou Wen retracted his sword and seemed to think about for a moment ahead of saying, “Continue.”
Section 922: Sword Process
Zhou Wen got only memorized the 3 thousand sword intents, but he hadn’t actually utilized them. Now, Zhou Wen needed to apply making use of the a few thousand sword intents himself to genuinely comprehend the subtlety of the sword intents.
Having said that, the rate from which she grew to be much stronger clearly couldn’t maintain Zhou Wen. As Zhou Wen utilised various sword intents, Gulli was already dazzled. He couldn’t consider the number of sword intents Zhou Wen had used.
In the end, Sadie misplaced yet again.
Sadie was somewhat taken aback as she was aware why Zhou Wen want to go on.
Oddly, the sword transfer Zhou Wen employed was still the identical.
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Strictly speaking, the sword position wasn’t essential. That which was truly crucial was the three thousand sword intents.
“Again,” Zhou Wen retracted his sword and continued.
Right from the start until now, Zhou Wen possessed already employed a lot more than ten sword intents. He was basically whipping Sadie in all sorts of extravagant methods.
“Again,” Zhou Wen retracted his sword and carried on.
To him, being able to beat Trainer one time was one thing well worth staying joyful about.
Just after much more than ten hits, Zhou Wen’s sword approach obtained actually better significantly. It turned out unimaginable.

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